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Shoot On Sight is an isometric competitive online game with a compelling narrative at its core. The project aims to provide players with a challenging and competitive experience while ensuring that the game remains enjoyable and fair. Developed using Unreal Engine 4.27, the early release date is estimated to be in Q2, 2024.

The game revolves around the theme of “Heist” and the goal of “Fighting with corruption”. It offers a unique blend of competitive PVP/PVE gameplay and an engaging storyline. Players can utilize interactive objects, shoot through walls, track enemy blood, and engage in intense melee combat. Additionally, they must contend with deadly defender Bots and collaborate to achieve victory. The game emphasizes fair play and does not employ pay-to-win mechanics. Advancing and leveling up are crucial elements, allowing players to enhance their favorite characters and unlock powerful abilities and gear, leading to a more fast-paced experience as their character grows stronger.

Despite its isometric camera angle, Shoot On Sight restricts player vision similar to FPS games, providing tactical gadgets to obstruct enemy sightlines. With two teams of four players each, players can choose from 6 unique characters with distinct abilities and weapons. The teams must complete objectives based on the game mode, including bot matches and multiplayer games. In multiplayer mode, players earn XP and progress through levels. Currently, the game features four modes: Capture the Flag, Capture the Site, Bomb Site, and Retake, as well as five diverse maps (environments).


  • Destruction
  • Surprise your enemy by interactive objects
  • Track your enemy blood
  • Melee combat
  • Abilities
  • NPC Defenders
  • Toon Art
  • Gear customization
  • Background Story





Shahriar Meskinimood
Team Lead, Art Director, 3D Environment & Character Artist,
Level Designer, Art Designer, Sound Designer, Composer, Video Game Writer 
Mohammad hasan Kargar
Gameplay Programmer, Network Programmer, 
Animation Programmer, UI Programmer, Visual Effects
Ali Rezaali
Game Designer
Samane Khdmatloo
UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer, Visual and 2D Artist,
Illustrator, keyframe designer
Shayan Meskinimood
Team Representative