Aroko Game Studio is an independent game development studio
focused on developing multiplayer games.


Aroko Game Studio is not a game studio but a human factory.
We experienced gaming with our flesh and blood; we didn’t play the game; we lived the game. When we turned a university project into a studio, no one could think of what we were capable of. We turned our dream into reality.
In Aroko Game Studio, we are building a greater world together. Here everyone from every culture is united to achieve the higher goal; we grow by helping each other, and we make a better copy of ourselves.
As the new generation, when no one could understand us, games were the world we were understood in. Games were the world we could connect to others without being judged by our appearance, age, weight, height, skin color, culture, language, and defects. We could be the ones we wanted to be.
And now we are the ones who help each other reach out to you, understand you, and create the world you deserve. We help you to make a better copy of yourselves.
Aroko Game Studio is a human factory.


Our mission is to create games that are both entertaining and impactful by providing an enjoyable and immersive experience for our players.
Our vision is to be the best in our field while innovating and creating games that players truly love.




Shoot On Sight is a multiplayer isometric fast paced tactical shooter (PVP & PVE 4V4) in which strategy,
tactics, plans and every communication matters.


Shahriar Meskinimood

Team Lead, Art Director

Mohammad Hasan Kargar

Game Programmer

Ali Rezaali

Game Designer

Samane Khedmatloo

UI/UX, 2D Artist

Shayan Meskinimood

Team Representative